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Free dive no troubles just bubbles wristband
Get A FREE Drybag Or Beach Towel!

get a free drybag or beach towel

All our liveaboard customers now have the opportunity to get a FREE No Troubles Just Bubbles drybag or beach towel* while stocks last.
All you have to do is login and follow 4 simple steps that should take you less than one minute.

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  • Step 1 - Login at
  • Step 2 - Click to access your diver details
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  • Step 4 - Choose your FREE item and save
*Please note that the beach towels are made of thin material, not thick and fluffy like you would use at home. They quickly become dry and can be easily packed in luggage, but they are not as good for drying your body after a shower. They are normally used for lying on at the beach, or on the boat's sundeck.

Choosing Your Free T-Shirt size

Choosing your ideal t-shirt size should be easy, if you follow our simple steps and take a look at the pictures on this page. We do everything we can to supply the best size t-shirt for you, and to ensure it is available for you to collect before your diving trip. Our t-shirts are good quality cotton shirts which are pre-washed and do not normally shrink after being washed. Please choose your size carefully, because it’s not normally possible to change.Our sizes are ‘European,’ meaning that they are larger than Asian sizes but probably not as large as North American. They are unisex, which means we do not have separate shapes or sizes for males/females. We have XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL.For North Americans who only know their weight in lbs. (pounds), please just divide your weight by 2.2 to get the correct weight in kilos. And inches to centimetres is calculated by multiplying the inch by 2.545.
S 1m 56cm 44kg
S 1m 57cm 51kg
M 1m 68cm 53kg
M 1m 76cm 59kg
L 1m 78cm 81kg
L 1m 76cm 90kg
XL 1m 83cm 87kg
XXL 1m 92cm 91kg

Check out our customers wearing our t-shirts around the world here.

Black front
Black back
White front
White back
Sleeveless front
Sleeveless back
  • All sizes are 'unisex,' which means one style for guys and girls.
  • They are European sizes, meaning that they're larger than Asian sizes, but smaller than North American sizes.
  • In general, if your weight is 62-70kg, a medium is a good fit for you.
  • Regular with sleeves available in black or white.
  • Sleeveless available only in black: sizes S & XL


T-Shirt Sizes
Size Shoulders Chest Length Picture click to enlarge
Small  42 cm 48 cm 63 cm Free-t-shirt-sizes
Medium 47 cm 54 cm 72 cm
Large 50 cm 56 cm 72 cm
X Large 53 cm 58 cm 75 cm
XX Large 56cm 63cm 78 cm


T-Shirt Size Loose / Baggy / Comfortable Tight-Fitting (to show your shape)
XS <55kg 50kg.
S 50-60kg 60-65kg.
M 60-68kg 70kg
L 70-80kg 80-85kg
XL 80-90kg. 90-95kg.
XXL 80-90kg. 100kg.
XXXL 100kg. 120kg.

How can you get your free No Troubles, Just Bubbles gifts?

1 - One way is for you to visit into Walker’s Inn, which is one of Khao Lak’s most popular restaurants and has a guesthouse upstairs. The owner is an Englishman called Andy, and his wife is a Thai lady called Joo. They usually have stocks of our t-shirts in most: XS, S, M, L, XL XXL & XXXL, and some beach towels* and dry bags. They also serve great Thai & Western food, a selection of cold beer, wines & soft drinks - all at good prices. There’s free wifi, too. While there is no pressure on you to stop for a drink or a snack while collecting your t-shirt, you won’t regret doing so. 

walkers resturant and guest house

2 - Another way for you to get your t-shirt is to ask us to send it to the dive centre, or on the boat. This method normally works well, but they sometimes go missing or get forgotten. The dive centre staff have lots to do on departure day, and we are the only agents who offer t-shirts for free, so it’s not easy for them to remember every time. Most boats are able to co-operate, but please check with us first.

3 - Finally, if you still haven't received your t-shirt at the end of your diving trip, we will do all we can to mail it to your next hotel or even your home address overseas. We really are happy to make sure that you (our guests) receive a t-shirt, and we love to see pictures of them all around the world.

For options 2 & 3, we need your sizes as soon as possible. 


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